Can you give me more information about FCP?

 We are a "Mystery" based company, with a Fishing Care Package you can choose a package of your choice without the beforehand knowledge of what you will receive. You will get a random selection of fishing tackle items related to the species or type of fishing you chose.


Has my order been sent yet ?

 Check your email for tracking! If not send us an email!


Can I track my order ?

 Yes, once your Package ships you will get a tracking number via email. You can also log into your account and track your order from there

You’ve sent me the wrong items

 Email to fix any lost, missing, incorrect, or damage items.


Do you have social media?

 Yes, find us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Snapchat and more. Username @FishingCarePackage


Which methods of payments can I use?

 Debit/Credit Cards. 


Delivery - How much is it and how long does it take?

 Shipping varies by size and amount of your order. Each Package ships USPS First-Class. After processing it is roughly 3-5 days for delivery. Tracking and package insurance included.

Since we are a small company with large volume, some orders can take up to two weeks to process.


What is going to be in my package?

 Do you know how this works?


Is There A Delay?

 During busy windows, many packages with Bulk orders and lures may take up to 30-60 business days to make and process, please understand this delay prior to ordering. This is not common, but it may happen and lead times may vary. We sell at such a discount, and all of these baits are molded piece by piece.